The Safe and Simple Way To Collect Rent

We help property owners and managers collect rent online safely, reliably and automatically.


Collect Rent Effortlessly

Save time and money by simply and securely collecting rent online

You already have enough on your plate. Maintenance, repairs, regulations, inspections, an endless list of chores that take over your day. We’ll help you take rent collection off your to-do list with just a few clicks.

Onboarding Assistance

Use our free on-boarding assistance to add your properties and get your renters enrolled quickly and easily.

Manual Transactions

Add one-time charges or apply payments and credits to tenant accounts to track all your transactions in one place.

Payment Controls

Allow full or partial rent payments and whether to absorb or pass-through transaction fees.

Reporting and Tracking

Instant email notification when rent is paid as well as full accounting and tracking of rent payments.

Rental Reminders

Automated rent reminders help keep you in touch with renters and avoid last-minute confusion and stress.

Pay With Cash or Credit

Give tenants a choice of either e-check or credit card payment methods to ensure rent is paid without interruption. 



Pay Rent Online Easily

Getting rent delivered to your landlord on time doesn’t have to stress you out every month. Forget about finding a checkbook, stamps, a mailbox or nearby bank branch. Use PayRent to set up rent payment online and get back to living life on your terms.

Received an Invite?

Awesome! Welcome to the easiest way to pay rent online. If you’re wondering what this is all about, you can learn more here. Otherwise, go back to the email you received and click on the get started link. Or chat with us if you need assistance.

Tell Your Landlord

Even more awesome! We’d love it if you told your landlord about us. You provide their email address here and we’ll reach out and let them know you’re interested in using us to pay rent. Everybody wins! (Except the people who print checks.)

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As a business owner, it is extremely helpful to have a process that streamlines your business. has created a paperless way for our business to collect and manage all our rental income. 

Cindy C.

Property Manager

I like payrent.comIt is so convenient. I added my tenants, sent them an invite and the service took care of everything else. Saved me a bunch of time.

John S.


I got tired of driving 30 minutes each way to pick up a rent check, then go back again for another. PayRent saves me time and it helped to make paying more convenient. Totally worth the time to set it up.

Anit M.

Property Manager

The process was seamless. Sign up took only a couple of minutes and I was able to take payments the same day. This takes so much stress out of my life I would never go back to collecting rent on my own.

Lisa S.


We're on a mission to build a platform that fosters a positive and productive relationship between renters and landlords. We focus less on transactions and more on the people behind them.