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PayRent is on a mission to create a platform on which landlords and renters can build a positive and productive relationship. Help us make the world a better place by offering rent collection that focuses on people more than transactions.


Market Trends

Rental Market Growth Continues Independent of Economic Conditions

Property rental continues to be one of the best financial investments available. Demand outstrips supply, revenue growth outpaces inflation, and renter population continues to grow.

Paying Rent by Check

Although not preferred by renters, 72% of all rent payments are still made with some form of paper check despite the popularity and convenience of electronic forms for payment.

Rents on the Rise

The average rent increased by $390 or 36%. The rise is propelled by increasingly valuable land, sophisticated apartments, and a booming job market.

Automated Rent Payments

4 out of 10 renters prefer to automatically schedule their rent payments citing convenience as their primary motivator.

Renter Population Explosion

In the last decade, the number of renters increased two times faster (+9.1%) than the number of homeowners (+4.3%), a sizeable shift in the American lifestyle.

Paying Rent With Credit

Ten percent of renters regularly pay rent using a credit card while almost 30% may occasionally pay rent with a credit card out of necessity.

Mobile Payment Preferences

Payments made from smartphones continue to increase dramatically each year now representing over $66 billion dollars in transaction volume.

Sources: The data used in these infographics were sourced from PayRent, Yardi Matrix, Paypal and Juniper Research

Partner Programs

PayRent offers several options for partnership from basic affiliate referrals to full technology integration. With each partnership, we look for ways to build unique value and produce outstanding results.

Brand Enhancement

Offering rent collection to your customers or audience allows you to build trust and heighten engagement with your business

Recurring Revenue

When rent gets paid, so do you. Create a recurring revenue stream that is recession-proof and only increases over time.

Transparent Reporting

You see what we see. We provide you transaction level details and a real time reporting dashboard with customer insights.

Why Landlords Choose PayRent?

Security and Privacy

Landlords have options when it comes to collecting rent online. But most of them don’t offer the security and control you can get through Banking information is kept private and secure to minimize the risk of fraud. Payments are processed through the world’s largest and safest financial institutions. And landlords make the rules when it comes to late or partial payments so they don’t have to haggle with tenants. Something they can’t get from peer to peer money transfers services like Zelle™ or Venmo™.


You know the drill. Drive across town through traffic to check a lock box. Field frantic calls from tenants who can’t get their check delivered before the cut-off time. Stress out when yet another check bounces. Explain again and again late payment policy and rental terms. Landlords save all that time and energy by letting PayRent collect their rent, enforce their policies and give them back a little peace of mind.  


The demands of managing residential rentals are endless. It’s important to have a team they can rely on to keep the gears turning and the skids greased. Landlords count on PayRent to reliably and securely collect rent, kindly but firmly enforce rent payment policies, and give them tools to minimize their property management workload.

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PayRent is on a mission to build rent collection software that fosters a positive and productive relationship between renters and landlords. We focus less on transactions and more on the people behind them.

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