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Forget about paper checks and trips to the bank. You'll love the convenience and flexibility of paying from your smartphone or computer, and your landlord will love how we handle all payment processing, reminders, and overdue follow-ups.  Pay rent in seconds.


Roommate payments

Whether you want to pay alone or split the payment with your roommates, we'll make sure your landlord gets paid correctly, and on time.



You can set up monthly payments using AutoPay, so you never miss a rent payment.


Payment tracking

Easily track payments pending, payments made, and funds paid out from your Dashboard.


Payment Notifications

We'll send you a friendly text message and/or email when a payment is coming up due, and once you pay, we'll send both you and your landlord a confirmation message.



Every interaction with PayRent and its payments partners uses bank-level encryption and secure connections. And all sensitive data is stored using advanced encryption and tokenization, meaning your data is far safer than any security compliance program requires. View our policies



We never sell or share your data. Period.

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